Hampton Park Scout Group


Once you’ve joined, each child is invested into their section and welcomed to our scouting family.

The Group Leader registers your child with our Branch Headquarters. Their office will immediately invoice you directly and will require prompt payment.

You will receive a second invoice from the Group for fees. These cover most of our costs, maintenance of the hall and equipment etc.



1st Child

2nd Child

3rd Child

4th Child





Registration Fee

Registration with Scouts WA and Insurance


Per year


Per year


Per year


Per year

Once a year, anniversary billed from date of investiture


Hampton Park

Group Fee

Equipment, Training of leaders, consumables


Per term


Per term


Per term


Per term

Beginning of each term

Other costs:

Start up:


Gear: See camp lists for each section (i.e. Joeys/Cubs / Scouts / Venturers / Rovers)

Camps: Prices vary depending on duration and location but they range from $15-$100 (not bad for a weekend of full on child care!)

Extra Activities: Our Districts and our Branch HQ provide a huge range of events and activities all of which are optional but do come with an additional cost.

Inquiries can be addressed to either the Group Leader (Enable JavaScript to view protected content.) or our Treasurer (Enable JavaScript to view protected content.) or you can have a chat with your Section leader.


From time to time throughout the year, the committee runs Sausage Sizzles and other events to raise funds to assist with our running costs. We have regular expenses with maintaining our scout hall and grounds, running group events and keeping our sections well supplied.

As part of your membership, it’s expected that you assist as minimum of once a year, but we’d prefer a bit more of course. We’re a community organisation and like everyone else, rely on the generousity and energy of all of our members. If you are not able to help with your time, a fundraising levy will be discussed with you as per the current committee procedure.

So when you hear the call for help, please answer yes!