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Rovers is the place to be for personal challenge, adventure, life-long friendships and all sorts of memory-making moments! Where else could you perform on stage one week, abseil the next and then help your local environment group out with tree-planting the next?

Rovers is the eldest youth section of Scouts, catering for 18 to 25 year old men and women. Unlike the younger sections, Rovers are completely self-governing. There are no “adult” leaders making the decisions for you. Rovers operate in local groups known as a Crew, and the Crew Leader is a peer-elected Rover. The Crews then form the West Australian Rover Council, headed by an executive of Rovers, who are responsible for the direction of Rovers at the State and National Level. It doesn’t matter if you haven’t grown up in Scouting – everyone is welcome.

Rovers offer so many opportunities for leadership and personal development. You can become a member of your Crew or WA Rover Council executive, leading your fellow Rovers through the year. You can get involved in the committees for one of the great annual Rover events, such as Sand Moot, the Ball, Mission Impossible, Gravel Moot or Medieval Feast. You have the opportunity to become a leader of a younger section. You can participate in nationally accredited training in leadership and management. You can organise a weekly activity for your Crew. And you can challenge yourself through the Baden – Powell Scout Award.

Hampton Park Scout Group is proud to support the Swan Districts Rover Crew.

Contact: Mark Hodgson (Rover Advisor): Enable JavaScript to view protected content.
or Crew Leader Enable JavaScript to view protected content. to find out about the programme of events.

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