Hampton Park Scout Group

Term Plan

Term 1 2019

8 Feb (Dingoes)

Welcome Back

Games/ Lashing Skills

15 Feb (Redbacks)

Arts & Crafts

Drawing & Painting

22 Feb (Dingoes)

Games Night

1 Mar (Redbacks)

Basic Camp Skills

Tents/kitchen fly/hygiene

8 Mar (Dingoes)

Bayswater Waves

(Bring snorkels)

15 Mar (Redbacks)


22 Mar (Dingoes)

Raft Practice

29 Mar (Redbacks)

Raft Experts

5 April (Dingoes)

Going out for a Visit

12 April (Redbacks)

End of Term (Ice Skating)

Hall Sleep Over

Unit Council

Sorry no event items at present.

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